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At Roots cleanliness, safety and well-being of its members, guests, and staff has always been a top priority. Now we’re taking it to an even higher standard.  While we do this, we ask families to follow guidelines for frequent hand washing, hand sanitizing and social distancing to keep you and your child safe and healthy.


Frequently Ask Questions

Why 20 Weeks?

The 20 week session will allow follow for smoother administration as well as proper development. Learning to swim safely requires time and consistency. At the more advanced levels technique and progression also takes time and consistency. Payments can be paid in full or set up a monthly payment plan within the 5 months. There are NO early can cancelations throughout the sessions.

What if my child(ren) are ready to move up?

We will do a swim evaluation every 5 weeks in order to evaluate readiness to move on. Everyone learns at their own pace. We will move swimmers up when they are ready to learn the next set of skills, which could be at any point during the session. We do not base readiness on how a friend is progressing.

What is your make-up policy?

It is very important for your child to attend their scheduled class. Consistency within the classes is the best possible learning environment for your child. However, we realize that things do come up, such as illnesses, transportation issues and vacations. We allow unlimited make-ups, with notification.

  • Prior notification of absence is required in order to be given a make-up. Please call the front desk and notify them of the absence. We do not encourage telling the instructors verbally as they do not have access to computers while teaching classes.
  • Make-ups must be scheduled within 14 days of absence.
  • We will no longer allow make-ups for a missed make-up.
  • We cannot guarantee there will be space in a class to accommodate a make-up. We will not sacrifice safety or a quality program for make-ups.
  • Absences cannot be credited towards future tuition. Nor can they be added on to the end of a term or carried into another term.
  • If we cannot find a make-up that works in your schedule, you may also get an open family swim pass for your family to use. The pass is for the swimmer only. You can add on additional siblings for $5/swimmer. (Ask us about our Guest Pass for Family Open Swim!)

What is your diaper policy?

Please encourage your child to use the bathroom before their swim lesson. We have a TWO DIAPER POLICY. All children not yet 100% potty trained must wear a snug fitting, non-disposable swim diaper over their disposable swim diaper (NO EXCEPTIONS). Wearing only a disposable swim diaper is not allowed. These diapers do not keep a solid from entering the pool. The non-disposable diaper must pass the two finger test (if 2 fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water). Thank you for your understanding as it’s our mission to keep our pools clean and safe!

What does my child need to bring for his/her swim lesson?

Please limit what you bring to the facility. Swimmers are encouraged to come dressed and ready for class when able. Your child will need a suit and towel. If desired, bring their own goggles. For the time being, we will no longer let children borrow goggles. Hair must be tied back if longer than shoulder length. We do not allow the use of water wings or blow up floatation devices. Non swimmers will be required to wear a Bubble.

Can my child bring their own flotation devices?

We do not allow the use of water wings or blow up floatation devices. Non swimmers will be required to wear a Puddle Jumper or Bubble.

Can I sit on the deck and watch?

We ask that all parents and siblings watch from our viewing areas (swim lobby or blue bleachers in lap pool). It is distracting to our swimmers to have extra people on the deck. It also poses a safety concern as our Deck Assistants or Deck Supervisors must have clear access to the pool area and exits/entrances in order to quickly respond to a situation should one arise. Please do not block doors.

Who can come to swim lessons?

We are asking only one caregiver per child. No non-swimming siblings are not allowed in the facility at this time. You can drop your swimmer off with Aquatics staff if needed.

Is it safe to swim?

Yes, the CDC issued guidance that is it safe to swim as the virus can not be spread via properly chlorinate and maintained pool water. Both Roots pools meets and exceeds the health and standards set by the CDC.

What is Roots Swim School doing to comply with social distancing?

  • Families are allowed into the swim lobby approximately 10 minutes before their scheduled lesson.

  • NEW Entrance for swim lessons through the side Swim Lobby door.

  • The check-in desk will be in the Swim Lobby with the Deck Supervisor. No bracelets will be handed out.

  • Tables and chairs are placed 6 feet apart, where parents and swimmers will be asked to patiently wait until called into the pool.

  • We encourage adults to wear masks while in the viewing area and we ask that you be mindful of others and patient while occupying shared spaces.

  • Deck Supervisor and Lobby Attendant will help monitor and guide traffic flow in and out of the building.

  • Lesson start times will be staggered to ensure we have a controlled flow of traffic.