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April 2024 - Member of the Month

edmund sosnoski

Member of the Month

Congratulations Edmund!

Eddy has been a member since way back in 2016! You can find him more often than not in the lap swimming pool, getting his miles in for the Swim Cape Cod challenge. Eddy brings a smile and laugh to our front desk team with each visit, which is just one of the many reasons why he was nominated as our April member of the month! Congrats Eddy!

Nominate a member for our "Member of the Month" program & their fitness story will be featured in our Tinkle Times and on our website so that their story may inspire others, just like they inspired you! 

Monthly winners will be chosen by Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center Staff and announced at the beginning of the month. Winners will also receive an exclusive MOTM long sleeve shirt to represent their status of well-being! To be featured, member would have to agree to accept the award! The next winner might even be YOU!

Email your nomination to

  • Hometown: Saratoga, NY

  • What brought you to Roots: I found out about roots from a talkative guy in a breakfast place (green egg?) in Noho. 


  • What do you do outside of Roots:  Outside of roots I do things other than swim. 


  • What's one goal you have at Roots Fitness Center or one goal you had that you've since accomplished? I've always said if I can't swim from Mallorca Spain to North Africa I would swim the length of Cape cod.

  • What's your favorite springtime activity? Favorite spring activity is taunting neighbors from my riding mower or walking Pixie the corrgiebeast.


  • What's your guilty pleasure? Guilty pleasures involve richly butter infused carbohydrate dense Mac and cheese Alfredo anything, etc.


  • What's your best tip for new members/new riders? Tip for new members trust staff and study the tinkle times...both are enthusiastically encouraging.

  • Anything else you want to add? 100 miles of Cape cod left to go with 170 days to do it...if I go unharpooned past the town of Sandwich next stop is Wellfleet...or possibly the canary islands (dependimg on currents) maybe Nova Scotia.

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