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May 2023 - Members of the Month

Alyssa Clark

Member of the Month

Congratulations Alyssa!

Alyssa was nominated for a variety of reasons. She has been a member of Roots since the very beginning with her mom Gina. Alyssa recently upgraded to the Ultimate membership and is consistently crushing Accelerate classes with Jeremy. You can also catch her in Tread n Shred, Small Group Trainings, and Bootcamp. Make sure you give her a high-five or congratulate her next times you see her in class!

Nominate a member for our "Member of the Month" program & their fitness story will be featured in our Tinkle Times and on our website so that their story may inspire others, just like they inspired you! 

Monthly winners will be chosen by Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center Staff and announced at the beginning of the month. Winners will also receive an exclusive MOTM long sleeve shirt to represent their status of well-being! To be featured, member would have to agree to accept the award! The next winner might even be YOU!

Email your nomination to

  • Nickname:  Lys

  • Hometown:  Westfield

  • What brought you to Roots:  I grew up about 2 miles down the road and joined when the gym opened!

  • What do you do outside of Roots:  Spend time with my horses and dogs.

  • What's one goal you have at Roots or one goal you had that you've since accomplished? Within the last year my goal was to get stronger. I was having chronic SI joint/sciatic pain and I wanted to build muscles to help relieve this pain. I can say that when I first started I had to take it slow and modify a lot but now I have less pain the more I come to the gym! The gym became less about losing weight and more about becoming strong and I can say I enjoy it so much more.

  • What's your favorite spring activity?  In the spring I enjoy getting outside and gardening.

  • What's your guilty pleasure? Chocolate!

  • What's your best tip for new members/new riders?  Just show up! It doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at, everyone makes you feel welcome and it's YOUR workout!

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