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Birthday Party Fun!

At Roots Aquatics we offer a fantastic, fun splashing experience for you, your birthday child, friends and family to celebrate their birthday. Invite all your friends, wear your bathing suit, bring your towel and we will provide the pool! All parties will include supervised age appropriate pool games and activities led by the Roots Birthday Host. 

Parties are available Sundays 3:00-5:00pm, Saturday times are available during the summer months. 

  • Exclusive access to our Learn to Swim Pool

  • $385 for 2hrs; approximately 1 hr in the pool and 45 min in the swim lobby (this will allow for changing time)

  • Up to 15 swimmers; $12 per additional person

  • One party assistant in the water, and one lifeguard on the pool deck 

  • Parents are FREE! Parents are not required to swim unless child is under three years old. 

  • Invites - with safety waiver

  • Refrigerator for party refreshments, cake etc. 

  • Roots Birthday Party T-shirt for birthday child!

  • Party favors for all swimming guest


Meet Nori, the Mermaid

Roots Birthday Parties newest addition. Nori has traveled from the warm ocean waters in Florida to be a part of the Roots Aquatics family. Her name comes from the Japanese word for seaweed, which matches her bright green tale. When at home down in Florida she loves to spend time with her best friend Lucy the manatee. She has a passion for conservation and tries her best to clean up every piece of trash she finds in the water to keep all of her animal and fish friends safe. Add Nori to your birthday party fun!

Sea Party: Additional $115

  • With a mermaid in the pool the fun never stops! During swim time, Nori the Mermaid will lead age and swim level appropriate games. The children learn just what it takes to be a real mermaid. The birthday child will then get to select either a special story or song for Nori to perform during a free swim time. At the end of swim time the birthday child will receive a special gift from Nori. There will of course be time for photos before leaving the pool deck.

Land Party: Additional $100

  • Character appearances can make your birthday a royal affair! Your character of choice will arrive and teach the children how to be official royalty. The character will lead the children in singing, dancing, as well as games. And of course we cannot forget to sing Happy Birthday and leave time for photos before the children head to the pool!

Call us to book your pool party today!
Questions? Call 413-568-2782

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