Workout Hop Scotch ☀️

Equipment: Mat, Rock, & Driveway Chalk Play it alone or with your family! Each numbered box (1-10) represents a core exercise for 10 reps. Miss the numbered box you were supposed to hit? Drop down and give us 5 Air Squats. Go back to the line and throw again or wait your turn. Similar to a ladder format, you will continuously work your way down the ladder of exercises. Round 1: Throw your rock and hit Box 1. Once hit, 10x Sit Ups/ Crunches Round 2: Throw your rock and hit Box 2. Once hit, 10x Plank Twists & 10x Sit Ups Round 3: Throw your rock and hit Box 3. Once hit, 10x Toe Touches, 10x Plank Twists, 10x Sit Ups/ Crunches And so on... Who can complete the rounds first!? Now go outside and PLAY! ☀️


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