Ten On Tuesday

For those of you needing a reminder...Today is Tuesday!🤣

This week's🔸Ten on Tuesday🔸with Elizabeth Lenart is posted below. Follow along in a ladder format and get ready to get UP and MOVE! It is so important to move in multiple planes of motion like we used to in our studios to strengthen our bone density.👟

Class format: Feel free to Google Search any of these exercises for photos/videos if need be.

Round 1: 10x Butt Kickers

Round 2: 10x Butt Kickers, 10x Single Leg Pogo Hops (10x/leg)

Round 3: 10x Butt Kickers, 10x Single Leg Pogo Hops (10x/leg), 10x Vertical Jumps


Continue until you’ve reached Round 10 and complete all exercises!!👟


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