Low Impact Movements

Happy Monday! Check out our Low Impact Movements Workout brought to you by Jeremy, as we hope to have something for you each Monday morning to start your week off with!👴🏻💪🏽👵🏾


Be creative! If you don't have weights feel free to use household items like water bottles, canned goods, or even text books!


Complete 2-4 rounds of the workout with 10 reps each exercise.

Bent-Over Rows (10x /side)

Bodyweight Squats


Straight Leg Deadlifts or Toe Touches

Tricep Kickbacks (10x/arm)

Planks (try holding for 30-60 seconds)

Bicep Curls

Side Oblique Bends


Check out the photos below for any visual cues you may need!

Have fun and STAY FOREVER FIT!💙


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