Kitchen Ab Circuit!!!

Time to bake some muscles!!!

All you need: Gallon of Milk 2 Bottles of Wine Kitchen Towel 2 paper plates or sheets of Paper Towel Mat or towel if you have one

3 or 4 times thru: 🥛 Alternating Squat Twist (10/side) 🥛 Plank Taps (10/hand tap) 🥛 Russian Twists (10/side)

🍷 Chest Flies, optional in V-Sit position (20x) 🍷 Plate Wine Bottle Plank Drag (10/ hand drag) 🍷 Reverse Flies (20x)

🏴Single Leg Dead Lift with Chest Pull (SLOW) Right leg Down (10x) 🏴Left Leg Down (10x) 🏴Alternating Overhead Towel Oblique Crunch (10/ side)

🍽Plate Mtn Climber (20/ leg) 🍽Plate Plank Jacks (20x) 🍽Plate Saw Planks (slow) (30 seconds)

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