Happy Sunday Runday

Happy Sunday Runday and Happy Birthday to some of our members who have been celebrating their birthdays in quarantine! We could all use a little party and some fresh air so we came up with a running challenge all could participate in!

Take your birthday (08/04/75) and your age (44); this will be your platform to work! 🎈 Your age will be the length of time you will work out for. If you are 50 years or older, feel free to divide your age in half. If you are 30 or younger, feel free to double your age. 🎈🎈 If you have a treadmill, play with your speed or incline based on the birthday dates. For example, you could run for a minute with an incline of 8, walk for a minute at an incline of 4, briskly walk at an incline of 7 for a minute and then jog at an incline of 5 with a minute of recovery at a flat road until you complete your 44 minute workout. Remember, the example we used is (08/04/75). 🎈🎈🎈 Those without a treadmill could do an outside run with this format as well. Let's use another example: 04/25/88, 31 years old. 🎈🎈 Run for 4 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, brisk walk for 5 minutes, complete 8 burpees, run for 8 minutes, recover for 1 minute. 🎈 Be creative and show us what you come up with!!


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