💪🏽 Friday Night Lights 💪🏿

🍶 Equipment: 2 Soup Cans, Wine Bottles, or Small Weights and a set of stairs (you just need 1 step for elevation)

🎶 Music: Go to your Spotify account or create one (IT'S FREE) and follow rootsaquaticsfitness. Look up the Playlist "Friday Night Lights, March 27"

🎶The workout with go along with each song. If you want to use your own playlist, use a 2:30-3:00 minute song to warm up, 13 songs anywhere between 3:30-4:00 minutes, a 6:00-7:00 minute song for arms, and 4:00 minute song to cool down with.

🍶The work: Each song will include 2 exercise you will try to get done AMRAP style; As Many Reps As Possible. You will complete the amount of reps of each set of exercise continuously until the next song begins. The next song will then have 2 different exercises to work.

💪🏽Once you have your equipment and music...follow along!

🎵Song 1: "In The Night", Warm Up 🎵Song 2: "No Judgement", 20x Alternating Foward-Stepping Lunges | 10x Tricep Pushups 🎵Song 3: "Worry About Me", 10x 1.5 Squats | 10x Toe Touches 🎵Song 4: "Get Down Low", 10x Push Up | 10x Superman, Lat Pull Down 🎵Song 5: "Booty Whop": 10x Right Foot on Step Side Squats | 10x Left Foot on Step Side Squats 🎵Song 6: "In Your Eyes": 10x Fire Outs | 20x Bicycle Crunches 🎵Song 7: "Birthday": 20x Alt. Plank Twist | 10x Crunches 🎵Song 8: "Karaoke": 10x Star Jumps | 20x Mtn. Climbers 🎵Song 9: "All of Me": 10x Right Fire Hydrant into 10x Donkey kicks | 10x Left Fire Hydrant into 10x Donkey Kicks 🎵Song 10:"Better Believe" ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video is posted below- Grab your Cans, Bottles, or Weights 🎵Song 11: "Close Enough": 10x Predator Jacks | 10x Bicep Push Up 🎵Song 12: "Can't Stop Loving You": 20x Alt. Curtsy Lunges | 20x Russian Twists 🎵Song 13: "Missing": 10x Jumping Jacks | 10x Plank Up/Downs 🎵Song 14: "Hold On": 20x Alt Lateral Lunges | 10x Hip Bridges 🎵Song 15: "Know Your Worth" 30 second Plank | 30 second Wall Sit 🎵Song 16: "No Time to Die" Cool Down

HAPPY FRIDAY NIGHT BURNER, BABY! Post that victory photo or verbal brag below once you've completed!

*Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the music attached with this workout.


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