COVID-19 Update as of March 15th

Roots Aquatics & Fitness Center/ Roots Cycle Update Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATED: March 15, 2020

We want to thank you for being the best members & families we could ask for! Our Roots community support is strong and we are eager to move with you again soon. Please follow us on Facebook for additional updates and stay tuned for some online workouts and challenges this week!! 💪🏼🏃‍♀️

We have attempted to maintain a regular schedule at the fitness center, cycle studio and swim school; however, with a heavy heart and a lot of careful consideration with our team--we have decided that to protect the health and safety of our team and our Roots community, our facility will temporarily close. While this decision did not come easily, it is what is best to help do our part to flatten the curve of COVID-19 pandemic in Western Mass. ✨💕

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• ⬇️ Roots Aquatics & Fitness Center and Roots Swim School is temporary closed from 3/16/20-3/22/20. This will be for all programs and activities. At this time, our intention is to re-open on Monday, March 23rd with an altered schedule and action plan. Please bear with us during this vulnerable time.

Let’s remember to be kind and gentle with one another and act with precaution and care. When we work together as a community, we achieve extraordinary results! 💫

Please note that this update only pertains to Roots Aquatics & Fitness Center and Roots Cycle. Each Roots facility is independently owned and operated and will have unique policies based on differing program offerings and customer bases. You are encouraged to check with each Roots facility independently for services outside of our facilities directly.


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