Small Group Training



Intervals to the MAX!  Shorter segments than what you are normally used to on the treadmill but with an EDGE.  Keep your heart rate racing with intervals on the treadmill with sprints, hills, running and jogging.  We then combine that on the floor with plyometrics, dumbbell work, core strengthening and more that will render your body tapped out but FIT beyond belief!


The treadmill is still a part of this major calorie-burning class; however, these intervals only last 45 SECONDS! While you're working on the treadmill, your partner is strength training on the floor. 45 seconds never felt so challenging and fun!



From the intensity level to the attention to exercise detail, you will get a workout experience like no other. Each workout is a metabolism maximizing calorie burner that will leave you energized and feeling the effects for hours after leaving the gym while fusing strength and cardio workouts into 60 minutes! All this while exercising in a community of like-minded people who will be pushing you to strive to new heights. (Maximum, 6 people)

Monday: 6:00pm-7:00pm 

$40/Month (1 class per week) or 
$80/Month (2 classes per week) | 4-6 people


Expect the unexpected in Trainer's Choice. This class will blend the cardio push on the treadmills with the fat burning intensity of turf training. The blend of workouts each week will push you to your limit and have you burning calories throughout the entire day. (Maximum, 6 people)


Thursday, 6:00-7:00pm

Cost: $40/Month (1 class per week)  4-6 people


Our personal training programs are the best in Western Mass and we have carefully assessed and hand picked top notch trainers that follow a system that works. We start with a fitness assessment and customize a plan based on your fitness assessment.


Private Sessions

  • 2 Sessions: 1/2hr  $75      1hr $110

  • 8 Sessions: 1/2hr $275     1hr $415

  • 12 Sessions:1/2hr $375    1hr $560

2 Sessions 1/2 hr : Included in H.O.P.E.S. entry program only

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